Inflowuendo33 is a well established outlet for your artistic Clothing and Fashion.
Angelus acrylic paint is used for artistic Clothing and Fashion needs and desires.

Visit for all angelus acrylic paints, neon paints, metallic paints,
glitter paints, brushes and accessories
to help assist your creative imaginations 
come to life.

Feel free, browse through our online store or visit our facility at:

16 McCarthy Road
Island Park, New York


We welcome angelus acrylic paint users, acrylic paint artists, and all.
Bronx acrylic paint artists, Soho New York acrylic paint artists, Brooklyn acrylic paint artists,
if you love using acrylic leather paints then 
Inflowuendo33 is your outlet to buy Angelus acrylic paint products, cleansers and accessories.

Please visit this website for Angelus acrylic paint products, cleaners and accessories.

Inflowuendo33 appreciates your current and future purchases of all our fine acrylic paint by angelus.


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